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Location: Edinburgh

Price: £180

Hey there, lovelies! 🌹 It's your girl Kaitlyn, your reignin' monarch of strap-on delight, here to sprinkle a bit of spice in your life. Peep my snaps - they're fresh off the press and legit as it gets. Wanna be sure? Hop onto my website and see for yourself!

Look at me - I'm 29, sweet as sugar, but with a cheeky twist that'll keep you on your toes. Dial my number, let's get chatty, 'cause you've only got so long to catch me while I'm painting Glasgow red!

Pinky promise - what you see is what you get. These tatts and threads don't lie, babes! 💯

With me, you'll be cozy as a bug in a rug and in discrete, ladylike company. Hang out with me for a tick, and you'll be hard-pressed to remember how our paths crossed at all.

Got a wicked fantasy? You better buzz me and spill the beans about the kind of play you're itching for 'cause believe me, I've got a rainbow of flavors waiting just for you.

Listen up, I'm the fresh face in town! Kaitlyn's the name, and I'm servin' up a tasty blend of domination treats right smack in the heart of the city. Fancy a specific getup for our rendezvous? Just give me a shout!

From the second you waltz into my world, consider yourself enchanted. You'll be caught up in my gaze, mind all aflutter, as reality takes a backseat. Before you know it, you're wrapped around my little finger, ready to worship and utterly enchanted.

You'll find yourself powerless, itching to cater to my every whim, losin' all sense of will except to please and serve.

If you're a newbie to this game, don't you fret, my darling. I'm all about that warm welcome for the uninitiated. There's a first time for everything, after all!

Don't let this moment slip – give me a ring or shoot me a text and let's get our calendar synched! 💋


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